The Daily Dish: April 12, 2016

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Stacy Fawcett, a popular food reporter for Channel 8’s News 8 Daybreak in Dallas, was killed in a devastating murder-suicide involving involved her two teenage sons. Fawcett, who was known locally as “Dallas’ favorite foodie,” was also an online contributor for 103.7, KVIL-FM. She was 45 years old.

Should the food and drink industry fight obesity and related health issues by adding exercise guidance directly to food labels? That’s the newest suggestion from Britain’s Royal Society for Public Health, which argues that the labeling would be useful to help consumers make more informed choices, and such a measure is already supported by 63 percent of adults. Suggested label features icons, for walking, running, biking, or swimming, next to the length of time needed per activity.

Australian police are still baffled over the arrest of a father who decided to buckle up two cases of beer in the car, but let six kids roam free in the vehicle without a seatbelt, including a baby. The kids were found sitting on the laps of adult passengers and the driver, a 27-year-old male, was arrested and charged with 20 different offenses including seven for speeding, two DWI offenses, two for misuse of drugs, and five summonses for no authority to drive.

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