Copy-Paste "Strudel with cheese and tomatoes. So what ... I can't?!? Eeiii ..."

I will present to you now, the text I mentioned to you ...

"I took 800 grams of puff pastry dough. Instead of mozzarella I used a very soft cheese, very little salted and kept in whey, 3-4 tomatoes were needed, some grated cheese, some very thin slices of ham, pepper and a spice based on basil and sun-dried tomatoes ... That's because I didn't find simple basil, as I would have liked, these are the ingredients ...

Now let me show you how I did it: I took a sheet of dough, and on the center of it I put a row of cheese, on which I sprinkled pepper and then I placed the tomato slices. (photo 1)

The tomatoes, in turn, were sprinkled with basil.

Over these I placed slices of ham (photo 2) and then I cut the dough, on both sides, as seen in the picture ... (photo 3)

I sprinkled grated cheese ... (photo 4)

And then, I tightened the ends of the dough and started to wrap ... (photo 5)

This is what it looks like when I finished ... (photo 6)

I made another "cocoon" like this and put them in the oven ... I left them for ten minutes at the top of the oven, so that the dough would rise a little, then another 16-18 minutes in the middle row. Ah ... I was going to forget ... After the first 10 minutes, I greased the two pies with egg ... and then I baked them again.

After half an hour it looks like this ... (photos 7 and 8)

I left it in the tray to cool down a bit, and now I'm going to cut a slice, to see what came out ... (photo 9)

If you find it interesting you can also say ... "So what ... I can't?!?" and try it ... I think it's worth it ... "

That was the story of January 2010, but I think that in February 2011 it is not to be denied ...

Now I will add two or three more pictures (actually I think there are more ... :-)) for the eventual lust and I will wish you good night and then I will retire because last night I slept on at two o'clock in the morning, today I went to work ... and I'm a little tired ... What do you want ... I'm just a kid ... :-)

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