Chicken and Bean Tacos

Ingredients for Cooking Tacos with Chicken and Beans


  1. Canned beans (red) 1 can
  2. Bulgarian sweet pepper 1 piece
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Garlic 1 clove
  5. Cauliflower 1/2 head of cabbage (approximately 500 grams)
  6. Tomatoes in their own juice (without skin) 1 can


  1. 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  2. Ground caraway seeds 1/2 teaspoon
  3. Oregano 1/2 teaspoon
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  5. Black pepper peas 3-4 pieces
  6. Salt to taste

Other products:

  1. Corn tortilla (tortilla) 6 pieces
  2. Chicken fillet 300 grams
  3. Vegetable oil 4 tablespoons
  4. Pure water 1 liter or as needed
  5. Wine vinegar 1 teaspoon
  • Main ingredients: Beans, Onions, Tomato, Chicken
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisineMexican Cuisine


Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Cutting board - 3 pieces, Knife - 3 pieces, Paper kitchen towels, Deep pan with lid, Stove, Deep bowl, Deep plate - 5 pieces, Colander, Skimmer, Frying pan with lid - 2 pieces, Kitchen spatula , Plate - 6 pieces

Cooking tacos with chicken and beans:

Step 1: Prepare Raw Chicken Fillet.

We wash the chicken fillet under cold running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels from excess moisture, put it on a cutting board, cut the hymen and remove the cartilage. Then we put it in a deep pan and fill it with 1 liter of clean cold water.

Step 2: Cook the Raw Chicken Fillet.

Now turn on the stove to a strong level and put on it a pan with filet. After the water boils, reduce the temperature of the plate to an average level, add salt and 3-4 peas of black pepper to taste, cook the fillet until fully cooked, this process will take approximately from 25 to 35 minutes depending on the stiffness of the meat.

Step 3: prepare raw and canned vegetables.

While the chicken is being cooked, we prepare the vegetables, with the help of a kitchen knife, peel the onions, garlic, peel the stem from the lettuce and gut it from the seeds. After we wash them together with cauliflower under cold running water from sand and any other contaminants. We dry the vegetables with paper kitchen towels, put on a cutting board and chop, onion and pepper into cubes or straws, the main thing is that the thickness of the pieces is no more than 1 centimeter.
Garlic is just finely chopped. We chop cabbage with straws up to 4 - 5 millimeters thick. We lay out the slices in separate deep plates, and transfer the cabbage into a deep bowl.

Then, using a canned wrench, open jars of tomatoes in their own juice and with canned beans. We leave the tomatoes in the jar, and throw the beans into a colander with a fine mesh and wash under a stream of cold running water. After we leave the beans in the same container for 5 - 7 minutes to drain the remaining marinade and then transfer them to a deep plate.

Step 4: prepare the boiled chicken fillet.

In 25 - 35 minutes we check the readiness of the chicken fillet, if it is cooked, remove it from the pan with a slotted spoon, put it in a deep plate, put it in front of the window and cool the meat to room temperature. After the cooled chicken breast, either we disassemble it into fibers or cut into a small cube and transfer the slicing back to the plate.

Step 5: prepare the filling.

Now turn on the stove to a medium level and put on it a frying pan with 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. When the fat warms up, we throw the chopped onion into it and simmer the vegetable, stirring with a kitchen spatula for 3 to 4 minutes to transparency. Then add the beans to the onion and simmer them together for another 5 minutes.

Then we put canned tomatoes, cubes of sweet pepper, chopped garlic, the right amount of chili powder, ground cumin, oregano, black pepper and salt to taste in a pan. We mix the ingredients with a kitchen spatula, cover the pan with a lid and reduce the temperature of the stove to a level between small and medium.

Stew all vegetables with spices for 15 minutes stirring occasionally. Then add the prepared chicken to them and stew the filling 5 - 7 minutes. After we move the container with the aromatic mixture to the side, and put a clean pan in its place.

Step 6: dressing cauliflower.

While the pan is heating up, pour 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar into a bowl with chopped cauliflower, add salt and black ground pepper to taste, not forgetting that these spices are already in the filling and now the main thing is not to put them more than necessary. Knead the cabbage with clean hands for 30 - 40 seconds, slightly surviving juice from it, and then proceed to the next step.

Step 7: bring the dish to full readiness.

Pour 1 tablespoon of clean water and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil into a heated pan. Caution, the liquid may begin to hiss and splatter! Immediately put the corn tortilla in the pan and fry it on one side for 20 seconds, then turn it over to the other side and let it warm up also for 20 seconds. After we shift the cake on a large flat plate. In the same way, heat the rest of the tortillas.
Then we spread the hot tortillas on plates, fill them with equal amounts of hot filling, sprinkle the filling with seasoned cabbage and serve the dish to the table.

Step 8: Serve the tacos with chicken and beans.

Chicken and Bean Tacos Served Hot. Also, along with this dish, as a seasoning, put on the table a variety of sauces based on chili peppers and tomatoes, crushed hard cheese, guacamole, silantro, salsa, finely chopped dill, parsley, basil, cilantro and green onions. This dish is eaten without cutlery, I just fold the tortilla stuffed in half and relish it with pleasure. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can add pickled mushrooms, corn, hot cayenne pepper, olives and olives to this type of filling.

- Instead of tomatoes, you can use fresh tomatoes in your own juice, previously crushed in a blender or grind with a meat grinder.

- The set of spices in this recipe is not important, you can vary their number and composition as desired.

- Instead of corn tortillas, you can use pita bread.