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Chinese rams with wild garlic

Ingredients for the preparation of Chinese lozenges

  1. Premium wheat flour 2 cups
  2. Boiling water 1 cup
  3. Wild garlic (fresh leaves) 40 grams (these are approximately 2 small bunches)
  4. Vegetable oil 4 tbsp. spoons
  5. Salt to your liking
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4-6
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Deep bowl, Cutting board, Sharp knife, Kitchen stove, Wooden spatula, Mixer, Frying pan, Cutlery, Serving dish (or portioned plates)

Cooking Chinese rams with wild garlic:

Step 1: Prepare the dough and wild leek.

Pour boiling water into a deep bowl and add coarse salt to taste, then add wheat flour there and mix thoroughly until smooth. I initially use a mixer, since it is more convenient for them to break up lumps, and besides, I don’t hover pens in boiling water. When the mass thickens, we naturally continue to knead with our hands. The dough should be soft and resilient, should not stick to hands. Wrap it in cling film and remove to the side for thirty minutes. At this time, we wash fresh wild leek in running water and chop finely.

Step 2: Cooking Chinese Tortilla.

We take out the dough and push it to roll out with a rolling pin. The dough should take the shape of a rectangle. See that the dough is not too thick, then it will not fry, and very thin so that it does not tear. Next, grease with one spoon of vegetable oil and spread the whole wild garlic. We try not to leave empty spaces. Then we roll the dough into a tight roll, it thickness should not exceed five centimeters, cut into slices about one centimeter thick. Each slice is better after cutting to put aside a little so that they do not stick together.

Step 3: Fry the wild leek cakes.

Pour three tablespoons of the remaining vegetable oil into the pan and send to a strong fire. We fill the pan and spread the slices of dough with wild garlic there. Keep the cakes on high heat no more than 30 seconds, then turn over, fry the other side, reduce the heat below the average and fry again on each side 5-7 minutes until golden.

Step 4: Serve Chinese ramson cakes.

You can use Chinese flatbreads with wild garlic instead of bread, or simply instead of snacks for strong drinks. The wild garlic after roasting in a pan leaves its burning taste and only a pleasant aroma remains. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - A friend of mine suggested a way to me how to fold a cake in an original and quick way. Pour flour onto the surface of the table and roll the dough into a circle (it should be as thin as possible, but such that it does not break during manipulation with it.). Next, visually divide the circle into four parts and lay out the filling in three quarters. We cut the dough to the middle on one side, where there is no filling, we put a cut piece of dough on top of one part of the filling, glue the edges with our hands, then we cover another quarter with the same part, again glue the edges. And so on until we get one quarter of the test circle. Next, roll out a little rolling pin and fry. Original and simple. You can put any filling, including wild leek.

- - In the filling for such flat cakes, you can use a mixture of wild garlic and boiled chicken eggs, finely chopped. Also wild garlic can be mixed with low-fat cottage cheese. To fasten all this mass into the filling, you can beat one small chicken egg or grate a little hard cheese on a fine grater. All of these options have been tested on yourself and I liked everything very much!

- - You can sprinkle such cakes with sesame seeds or ground paprika. This will decorate the dish and give it additional taste.