Salad from Oksana Fedorova

Ingredients for the preparation of salad from Oksana Fedorova

  1. Cooked and frozen shrimps 400 gr.
  2. Onion 1 pc.
  3. Tomatoes 2 pcs.
  4. Sweet pepper 2 pcs.
  5. Sweet corn 1 can.
  6. Green salad, leaves 5 pcs.
  7. Mayonnaise for dressing.
  8. Vegetable oil for lubrication.
  9. Salt, red pepper to taste.
  • Main Ingredients: Shrimp, Pepper, Tomato
  • Serving 4 servings


Bowl, Shovel, Knife, Cutting board, Frying pan, Opener, Plates, Cooker, Salad bowl

Making a salad from Oksana Fedorova:

Step 1: prepare the onions.

Peel and finely chop the onion with a knife on a cutting board. In a pan with vegetable oil add onions and fry until golden brown over medium heat, about 7 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Put the finished onion in a plate to cool.

Step 2: prepare the shrimp.

Peel the shrimps and put them in a pan with vegetable oil. Sprinkle with red pepper, mix with a spatula and warm over low heat for 3-5 minutes. Do not cook shrimp before frying. Then put the shrimp on a plate to cool. Set aside a few shrimp for salad dressing.

Step 3: prepare the tomatoes.

Wash and cut the tomatoes with a knife on a cutting board into medium cubes 1x1 cm.

Step 4: prepare the pepper.

Peppers to wash, clear of grains and partitions. Cut into small strips with a knife on a cutting board.

Step 5: prepare the lettuce leaves.

Wash the leaves of green lettuce. 1 sheet should be left to decorate the salad, cut the rest with a knife on a cutting board into small plates, or pick with your hands.

Step 6: prepare the corn.

Open with a can opener a jar of sweet corn. Drain the can. Set aside some corn kernels for salad dressing.

Step 7: prepare a salad from Oksana Fedorova.

Transfer shrimps, fried onions into a deep salad bowl, add tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and corn. Salt to taste, season with mayonnaise and mix with a spoon.

Step 8: serve a salad from Oksana Fedorova.

Put the salad on a serving plate, garnish with shrimp, lettuce, and corn kernels. In the center of the salad, you can set a rose made of pepper with olive in the center. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - When choosing shrimp, pay attention to the fact that they are the same size, even in color and the tail is twisted. If the tail is straight, then the dead shrimp was frozen, so it will not be very tasty.

- - A salad from Oksana Fedorova will be more interesting if you put multi-colored peppers in the salad, for example, red and green.

- - Salad from Oksana Fedorova can be served in portions, for this, put a whole sheet of salad in a small salad bowl and put the prepared salad mixture on it.