Of Course Farmer Brothers Parody 'Gangnam Style'

Following up 'Farm It Maybe' and 'I'm Farming and I Grow It,' this latest parody has gone viral

"Gangnam Style" has gone viral and become overdone, but we haven't really seen any amazing parodies yet, perhaps because the dance moves are so difficult to replicate.

While this parody, from the Peterson Farm Brothers, doesn't quite live up to Psy's legendary dance moves, the brothers make up for it in enthusiasm. They reworded the entire song to sell their farming lifestyle, somewhat awkwardly, with lyrics like "Hay, hay, hay, hay / Is what we feed our cattle / So they grow big and strong / And then become the food that keeps us living nice and long." But we get it; rewording an entire song is difficult. And the "Gangnam Style" original song is pretty annoying. So you have to give the brothers some credit; they do try hard to get the dance down (although they need to work on their swagger).

Watch the full video below, and decide which farming parody is your favorite. Personally, we're still a fan of "Farm It Maybe."

Of Course Farmer Brothers Parody 'Gangnam Style' - Recipes

The Peterson Farm Brothers sure do - check them out on Facebook and you'll find three young men who are enthusiastically sharing the day to day activities of farm life through their hilarious song parodies. Remember this?

That little ditty has amassed almost 8 million views on YouTube and led to the brothers being featured on national television and news outlets promoting agriculture. They have presented at the FFA National Convention, agribusiness meetings and were most recently recognized at the final K-State home football game. They are doing great things for agriculture and we are excited that Greg (the eldest brother) is a member of Food For Thought! Last night, the Peterson Farm Bros released their newest parody hit titled Farmer Style which is a parody on Gangnam Style, the smash hit that has taken over the music charts. Have a look!

This is a great video because not only is it entertaining, it mentions some important agriculture aspects. The constant reference to the importance of hay and forage is evident but they also hammer home that they are a family farm and are passionate about agriculture. Congrats on another great job Peterson Bros. - Food For Thought and the agriculture community are thrilled that you're on our side. Keep up the fantastic work! If you want more info on the Peterson Farm Bros, you can check out their YouTube page, Facebook page or follow Greg on Twitter (@gregpeterson33).

What do you think of the video? We want to hear you feedback? Should the Peterson Farm Bros do another parody? Which song?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Shopping for Kids? Check Out This Great Author- Dahlov Ipcar!

Once upon a time, I lived in the rural town town of Freeland, Maryland, which to this day does not contain a stop light, and there stood a church called Middletown United Methodist Church. My great-grandmother, Lizetta Norris Bedgar, donated the land for that church to be built and eventually my parents were married there. Years passed and the congregation dwindled, until the doors were closed. At that time, my Mom was able to get the copy of "One Horse Farm" by Dahlov Ipcar that was in the nursery.

Mom sent it to me here in North Dakota. The pages are tattered and the binding is taped together, but it is a treasure to my little family and one of our favorite bedtime stories.

In fact, I can barely read it without getting choked up, because it parallels the evolution of my family's dairy farm- from horse power to tractor power so closely and I imagine some of the men in my family, some whom have passed on and are dearly missed, having similar conversations.

I recently discovered that the book's author, Dahlov Ipcar, has MANY other WONDERFUL works as well!

My children will be receiving "The Cat at Night" and "Hardscrabble Harvest" this year.

Hardscrabble Harvest is a funny, yet realistic telling of raising a garden, and all the critters that can cause trouble on the farm.

I was also excited to find the board book versions of her Farm Alphabet and Wild Animal Alphabet for my 18 month old son.

The Island Port Press has re-released her books at:

Dahlov's biography is so interesting as well. She was born in 1917 in Vermont and went on to farm with her husband in Maine. She is such an intriguing and talented individual, I wish that I could meet her.

Her essay "My Family, My Life, My Art" is a very enjoyable read. She wrote "Everything about farming was beautiful in my eyes. I loved the Jersey cows with their softly shaded coats more like deer than cows -- their wrinkled white stockings, and their eyes that looked as if they had been outlined with black mascara."

Ah, she and I have that opinion of Jersey cows in common. FYI- I spent a year serving as a Jersey Cattle Queen :)

Hope you find this helpful as you do some last minute shopping for the youngins' on your list.
Sarah :)


Rolling his head back like in the now internationally famous music video, the dancer popped up to his feet to be greeted by a layer of surrounding dancers who mimicked his steps.

With the audience loving the moves, a second layer of dancers broke out joining the first batch, seen in an aerial view storming the plaza.

Every step: The audience cheers as the dancers mimic Psy's famous dance that resembles riding a horse

Growing: Hundreds cheer around the members as they grow to an immense size

As a phenomenal hit, with Psy's video becoming the most-liked YouTube video of all time, the spoof is just the latest in a string of parodies popping up across the states.

In similar productions at universities, the U.S. Naval Academy, University of Illinois, and most recently last month the University of Oregon also got in on the action.

Following their green and yellow mascot around campus, the Oregon Duck shows that he and their cheer team can carry the same moves, even if with a little waddle.

Own style: With a hand on their hips and another turning in the air like a lasso, University of Oregon gets down to Psy's Gangnam Style with the help of the cheer team

Parade: Since the video's upload it has already been viewed more than 4.5 million times, capturing their green and yellow Duck mascot as he parades around campus

'The Duck was bored the other day. Here's what he did,' the video introduces.

Following the South Korean's dance to a near T, The Duck is captured on a portable toilet, laying in an elevator and even undergoing a dance off in a parking garage - albeit with a guerrilla.

Uploaded on August 30, the video has topped 4.5 million views, adding perhaps something more for the school to celebrate with its football team currently ranked no 2 behind Alabama.

Extra touches: Both The Duck and South Korean rapper Psy, left, are seen dancing in a spray of paper, in The Duck's case, it being brightly coloured confetti

International sensation: The original video by South Korean Rapper Psy is now the most liked video on YouTube of all time

All in: Not one to stay indoors, The Duck is frequently seen visiting with some of the school's swimmers on a lake as they share the outrageous dance moves

Staying busy: Reasoning The Duck being bored for the video's completion may have been salt in the wounds of other university football teams, however, with the school currently ranking no 2 in the league

Weekend Watch Newsletter

Home Brew Division

There was a time during the fair's storied past that what's being celebrated here would have been called moonshine (or something like it) and landed you in jail. But 80-plus years after the end of Prohibition, and Maryland's agricultural showcase is finally getting back in the alcohol business. The fair has added a Home Brew Division, offering ribbons in the lager, pilsner, bock, IPA, ale, porter stout, wheat, fruit and specialty beer classes. You won't find Natty Boh (not only is it made by pros, but it's no longer brewed here in the Free State), but there should be plenty of other fine beers to pick up the slack. On display in the Farm & Garden Building throughout the duration of the fair.


  • Of the top 5 most viewed Minecraft videos ever, 4 of them are his, with the top one Revenge at over 150 million views.
  • Minecraft Style featured in Google's Year in Review 2013.
  • Fallen Kingdom featured in Google's Rewind YouTube Style 2012
  • Over 3.1 billion views.
  • Exclusive panel at Minecon 2012. (His songs also played most of the time)
  • A "King of the Web" award recipient.
  • Revenge is the most watched gaming related video on YouTube.
  • Revenge is the most liked gaming related video on YouTube with over 1 million likes.
  • Made his own game called 'Fortress Fury.'
  • Had his own pizza made with Pizza Hut.
  • Was a part of the Tube Heroes toy line.
  • Owns lots of titanium sports necklaces.
  • Over 10 million subscribers.

Uh, that's not Chapstick.

Today as I was driving across town (in a hurry, as usual), my lips were feeling dry, so I stuck my hand into the depths of my purse and retrieved what I thought was one of my daughter's fat tubes of ChapStick. I thought, ah well, she zerberts all over my face, what's a little Chapstick sharing.

With one hand, I popped the cap off and puckered up. only to catch this bright orange color out of the corner of my eye. instead of ChapStick, it was a GLUE STICK!

Thankfully, I caught my error before I applied any, but the good news is it would have gone on purple, but dried clear :)

Farmer Sarah Visits the Classroom! Coverage by KXNews in Bismarck, North Dakota

Many thanks to my friend Sarah Gustin of KXNews in Bismarck, North Dakota for spending some time with my eldest daughter's kindergarten class this fall to cover this story!

http://www.kxnet.com" title="KXNet - Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson">KXNet - Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson

Now, get on out there and share your agricultural experiences with children in YOUR community!

For more resources go to the American Farm Bureau Federation Foundation at www.agfoundation.org or the National Ag in the Classroom Program at www.agclassroom.org


While the real song repeats the words 'Hey pretty lady', Wyll - who admits the song is a tongue in cheek look at the many stereotypes given to his home county - sings 'Hey inbred lady' as a cheeky reference to a joke that East Anglia people are inbred.

The teenager pokes fun at Norfolk's love of a 'nice hot brew'

Wyll admits the song is a tongue in cheek look at the many stereotypes given to his home county - including that residents enjoy drinking cider

He swaps the words to talk of his fellow countymen's love of a 'nice hot stew'

His song has the chorus: 'Cuttin' trees down, and drivin' tractors, that's what I like, that's what I like, and that's just the way I Iike to live my life - we got Norfolk Style.'


Sittin' on a hay bail in the middle of a field
Waitin' for my dinner tatas (potatoes) already been peeled
Sittin' in my garden with a mug of nice hot brew
There is nothing better than a nice hot stew

I like welly boots
I like milking cows and sometimes even goats
I can't read or spell or even write a note
Don't go out nowhere without my old ripped coat
Without my coat

Cuttin' trees down
And driving tractors
That's what I like, that's what I like

Cuttin' trees down
And driving tractors
That's what I like, that's what I like
And that's just the way I like to live my life

We got Norfolk Style
Hey Inbred lady

Walking through the farmyard with my country boys behind me
We just cleaned our landrovers and now they are so shiny
We like homemade cider but don't like the taste of wine
We get p***** and do it all the time

My favourite thing is string
Got a problem, it can fix pretty much everything
I like digging holes which i can plant things in
I fix my barn roof with corrugated tin
Corrugated tin

Cuttin' trees down
And driving tractors
That's what I like, that's what I like

Cuttin' trees down
And driving tractors
That's what I like, that's what I like
And that's just the way I like to live my life

We got Norfolk Style
Hey Inbred lady

I love a great big roast and love my brussel sprouts
Gravy, gravy lathered on without a doubt

I'm on a hunting trip, shooting with the lads
We like killing things, you must think we are mad

We got Norfolk Style
Hey Inbred lady

Wyll of Norwich, uploaded it to YouTube on Friday, posting links to all his friends on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and had 2,500 views within a few hours.

The video took off after the link to it was re-tweeted by Norwich City striker Grant Holt and former Norwich City and Leicester player Darren Eadie.

It rapidly became a hit around the world with people viewing it as far away as Australia and South Africa.

Wyll's video was trending as the most popular music video on YouTube on Sunday and Monday and by this morning it had been viewed 254,361 times.

His spoof is the latest in a string of Gangnam Style parodies to be posted on YouTube including one by pupils at Eton which has been viewed nearly 3m times.

Last week teachers at a school in Accrington, Lancashire were criticised by a councillor for 'undermining' their pupils' respect for them by posting their Gangnam Style dance moves.

A hospital in Toronto, Canada, also came under fire after a version of the song was performed by staff in its maternity department.

Wyll said: 'Gangnam Style was the biggest song of last year - but there weren't any Norfolk parodies on YouTube, so I thought I'd give it a go.

'It took me a couple of evenings to write the words. I just wanted to celebrate Norfolk and how it is a great place to live.

'My father's family come from the countryside and you can't beat it. I filmed it at my nan's because I wanted to give the video a rural feel.

'The response to it has been absolutely amazing. I only did it as a bit of a joke - but now I have got over quarter of a million hits. It is just incredible.

'I've tried to get as many funny Norfolk stereotypes in there as possible, and I've had really good responses so far.

'The reaction we've had to it is just crazy. I was a bit worried about using the 'inbred lad' line, but people just see that as a joke.

'The positive comments have just confirmed that it is a bit of fun. Nobody has taken real offence and most people seem to see the humorous side.

'A small number of people have criticised it, but they are generally from outside Norfolk.

'I have posted a few videos before of me messing around, but they have only had about 50 views each.'

Wyll said his video was viewed 300 times within two hours of him uploading it on Friday evening.
He added: 'When I got home it was just over 1,000 and by the morning it had doubled to 2,500 and within 24 hours it had reached 45,000.

'Within a couple of days it was on the front page of YouTube as one of their featured videos and it was the most trending music video.'

Wyll is already considering a follow-up video to capitalise on the success of Norfolk Style, but says he will take his time.
He said: 'I haven't got a clue what it will be yet, but I want it to make it a good one. At the moment I'm still enjoying what we've done. I've been on the laptop for three days straight.

'I thought we'd missed the boat a bit, because there have been so many other parodies, but it's still popular.

'It's such a strange feeling, thinking that people from Australia and South Africa have been watching a video we made.'

The sixth former filmed himself singing the parody last Thursday with his friend Mateo Jarvis, 16, who is half Filipino performing Gangnam Style dance moves

The original Gangnam Style video shows Korean rapper Psy dancing with glamorous women and has become the most watched video on YouTube with 1.1billion views

  • Homeowner's brilliant light show took over a year to plan and create
  • Gangnam audio added later after Korean hit became an internet sensation

Published: 12:41 BST, 25 October 2012 | Updated: 16:16 BST, 25 October 2012

This is the hilarious moment when a homeowner's Halloween light show is given the Gangnam style treatment to brilliant effect.

More than 8,500 lights were used to create the stunning sequence at a house in Edwards Landing, Leesburg, Virginia, which took over a year to plan and create.

So far more than 400,000 people have viewed the amazing clip featuring pumpkin faces and flashing lights moving in time with the tune and words of the catchy Korean pop hit.

Lights, camera, GANGNAM: The homeowner's brilliant Halloween light show to the catchy Korean pop hit

According to the video makers the incredible display took over a year of planning and making.

Maker 'EdwardsLandingLights' wrote: 'Special thanks to Kevin Judd for the inspiration. This is a hobby and the display has been in the making for about year.


‘Hover over the counter in PSY's video to see a little math magic and stay tuned for bigger and bigger numbers on YouTube,’ the blog post said.

At the time of writing, ‘2152218058’ people had watched the music video with its distinctive horse-like dance.

At the time of writing, ‘2152218058’ people have watched the music video with its distinctive horsey dance. The number was displayed after digits spun around (screenshot) when the mouse hovered over them

Gangnam Style has smashed viewing records, becoming the first video to pass two billion views in May


Three months after the video was released, one internet expert estimated that YouTube made a $51,925 profit from merely hosting the video to gain a slice of advertising revenue.

It is not clear how much the video has made the company in total.

Web engineer Amar Pradhu, who is not affiliated with the Silicon Valley-based search giant, made the estimate on Quora, the question-and-answer website.

It is not known how much Psy has made from his viral hit.

Ad buying platform TubeMogul told The New York Times that Psy must have earned just under $2 million from YouTube adverts alone.

The number was displayed after digits spun around like a fruit machine when the mouse hovered over them.

Gangnam Style has repeatedly smashed viewing records, becoming the first video to pass two billion views in May, Fuse reported.

Three months after the video was released, one internet expert estimated that YouTube made a $51,925 profit from merely hosting the video to gain a slice of advertising revenue.

It is not clear how much the video has made the company in total, but it's estimated that Psy has bagged over £2 million from online advertising.

Web engineer Amar Pradhu, who is not affiliated with the Silicon Valley-based search giant, made the estimate on Quora, the question-and-answer website.

In May last year, Psy told students at Harvard University in Massachusetts that the success of his video online was accidental.

'Gangnam was not standard – that was an accident and accidents don't happen often,' NME reported.

He went on to tell students at Oxford University that he 'stayed up for 30 nights to find that horse-riding dance,' which features in the video.

Watch the video: Residue Shape of You Parody (January 2022).