Where To Send the Kids to School—The Top 20 Universities in the World For Producing Millionaires

In case you were wondering where to send your children to college, or just want to check for your own alma mater, Business Insider has curated a list of the top 20 universities in the world for producing millionaires. And while many millionaires have proven you don’t need college to snag a little green, most of us are willing to spend on our education with the hopes of a return on our investment. And let’s just be honest here, for most of these colleges you need over $100,000 just to attend. Even the most intelligent student with a wealth of potential still has to pay to attend an Ivy League, short of receiving a (very generous) scholarship. That being said, of course Harvard tops the list with first and second place with Harvard University and Harvard Business School respectively, with the first five slots filled by American universities. Further down the list is a blend of the United Kingdom and the United States before a few from France and even one from Israel rounds out the bottom schools. And in case you’re wondering where most of the world’s billionaires graduated from—Harvard again. Looks like you might need to get the kids used to wearing crimson.

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