Cowboy cookies

Here is the piece of music that inspired me .... :)))))) without it you really couldn't ... :)))))


From this amount we get a tray full of cookies! :)))

The peanuts are powdered, the brown sugar as well, then the oat flakes, but they can also be left whole for a crispier texture ... Then mix all the ingredients (without the chocolate flakes) in a bowl, with the cold butter given on grater and you get a very slightly sticky dough. Let cool for ten minutes.

Dough balls are made which are rolled in powdered brown sugar (optional) and placed in a tray lined with parchment. Put the chocolate flakes, leave space between the cookies and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

Take them out, leave them to cool and eat them with gusto :))))

Video: Booba Cowboy: Cheese Fever Episode 69 - Funny cartoons for kids - BOOBA ToonsTV (January 2022).