Pork stewed in tuci

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pork stewed pork:

Cut the meat, add salt and put it together with the fat in chunks. It is covered with a lid. Stir from time to time until the meat is ready.

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In order to fry the meat, it is good to have a lot of fat in the casings and to cover it with a lid.


If fried together, smoked meat gives a good taste to fresh meat.

Stewed pork & # 8211 steak with onion and mustard

Stewed pork & # 8211 steak with onion and mustard, recipe illustrated with pictures. How to prepare a tasty stewed steak? What is the cooking time for a stewed, tender and tasty pork steak? Stewed pork recipe with mustard and onion sauce.

When you don't set your mind to saturate an entire Christmas neighborhood, but cook with a little more restraint, you don't have any food left to put in and take out of the fridge for weeks on end. So it was with me. On the occasion of Christmas I prepared a delicious duck breast with caramelized apples, which was consumed entirely at the festive meal. So, the next day, I cooked this delicious stewed pork steak with onion and mustard. I only cooked two portions, for the only two diners left at home, but the feeling of celebration did not disappear. The food was so tasty that I wiped the last drop of sauce from the plate with bread!

In fact, less than a week ago, the pigs had been slaughtered at my in-laws' house, so I had fresh and incredibly tasty meat. Every time I cook with these clean ingredients, produced with care and with the thought that we will be well and eat quality food, I can't help but feel very grateful that we have Vukomir's parents and that they are healthy and in power!

You can find here more pork steak recipes & # 8211 click on any picture

Baked pork steak

Returning to this delicious steak, things were like this: I put my hand in the freezer and felt, by touch, a small package. I was primarily interested in quantity, because it was just the two of us at home. It happened to be a piece of 500 grams of pulp, more precisely from that piece called pork nut. Well, this steak can be prepared in exactly the same way as described below and from the nape of the neck, in which case the cooking time may be shorter.

Chicken stuffed in a jar - a wonderful recipe for winter!

Chicken (duck, goose, rabbit, pork) stewed for the winter is peeled very simply, even in the oven. It is very tasty, homemade. It is a convenient can for any dish - full and fast! The meat must be of good quality, so the canning will be of good quality.


-3.4 kg of chicken (duck, goose, rabbit, pork)


1.Cut the chicken into medium pieces and wash the meat well.

2.To understand how many jars you need, measure the meat with 1 jar of 0.5l.

3.Wash the jars with baking soda, add 2 grains of allspice and 3 grains of black pepper, then fill them half with meat. Make sure that each jar contains different parts & # 8211 and chest, and thighs.

4.Squeeze the meat a little, then add 1 grain of allspice, 2 grains of black pepper, 1 bay leaf and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Fill the jars with meat, up to the shoulders, and add another teaspoon of salt.

5.Cut pieces of foil and cover the jars.

6. Line the tray with baking paper, sprinkle with salt so that the jars do not crack and level the layer.

7.Place the jars and place the tray in the cold oven, set the temperature to 180 ° C and simmer the meat for 1 hour. Then lower the temperature to 100 ° C and simmer the meat for another 4 hours.

8. Additionally, boil a soup of bones for 2-3 hours, because some of the liquid will evaporate during cooking.

9. Remove the jars on a dry and not cold surface, remove the foil, add 1 teaspoon of melted fat (it is the inner fat from the chicken that melts), if you have, pour soup, enough to fill the jars, and screw them immediately, with sterilized lids. Cover the jars with a warm blanket until they cool completely. Then you can wash them and store them in a dark and cool place.

- 1 kg of pork
- Oil
- Butter
- Garlic
- Basil
- 1-2 leaves
- Salt
- Pepper

Method of preparation:
1. Cut the meat into thicker slices.
2. In a saucepan, melt the butter and add a little oil.
3. Brown the meat and cover the pan with a lid.
4. When browned, add two cups of water, crushed garlic and spices.
5. Cover again and let it boil until soft.
6. If the sauce decreases, add more hot water.
7. When ready, remove the meat and strain the sauce.

Delicious pot roast you can serve it with a garnish of potatoes, rice, vegetables and its sauce.

Succulent pork steak (the pan)

Pork steak the juice in the pan is very tender and tasty! Although the pork is cooked in the pan, it is not bland and dry.

The pork is cooked over low heat, smothered in a pan covered with a lid and fried in white wine. A steak will come out that melts in your mouth! He doesn't take my word for it. Try it!

For grilled pork steak you can use pork ribs, neck or even pork chop.

If the pork chop is not cooked correctly, it has hard meat, but when it is stewed in the pan, it will be juicy and tasty.

I used pork leg for this steak because that's what I had in the fridge. I don't always have time for shopping, so I like to cook with the ingredients I already have available.

I served the steak with mashed potatoes, dill sauce and a radish salad. A delicious lunch came out!

Method of preparation

Stewed pork and veal steak

Stewed steaks do not lose any of the flavor of fried or baked, they are very soft, tasty

Stir-fried pork

I thought about making a steak in the pot of earth that I usually use for

Baked pork ribs

Also a simple and quick recipe (it doesn't have to be guarded, so you can do something else, even work on the computer, why not ?!), healthy and very tasty.

It is also part of the & # 8220 medical recommendations & # 8221, rarity. Does it still work when you're hungry? May be.

Buy a pork rib, fresh, boneless, about 1-1.5 Kg.

Secret! When you buy meat from the butcher or the market, buy larger pieces, which you can slice as you wish, according to the recipes you want to make. Buying larger quantities of meat, you also have to freeze meat in the freezer. Cut the meat and put it in packages, in the freezer, according to the recipes you have proposed, to approach them. Do not wash the meat, which you will freeze. Fresh meat is tastier after cooking, but since you can't always find fresh meat from the producer, you always have to buy larger quantities of meat. When using frozen meat, leave it in the evening, thaw, slowly, in the refrigerator, in the package in which it was frozen. Before use, wash the thawed meat with cold water and let it drain, then wipe it with a clean kitchen towel. Before cooking, massage the meat for a few minutes with olive oil and spices, then let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Heat some olive oil in a stainless steel pan with a thick bottom. Put the meat in hot oil and fry it on both sides, for 10 minutes, over high heat, on the large eye on the stove. If you have one thick cast iron hob, from a former decommissioned old resource, reused so usefully, do not hesitate to put the stove on the fire and the pan on the stove.

Attention! When fried, over high heat, salt oil from the pan and fry you, on your hands and face & # 8211, especially if you are shorter.

Put the fried meat over it until it makes a golden crust (it is fried first, because the meat remains juicy and is certainly tastier), a glass of red wine, folded with cold water. You put the wine to drip smoothly on the meat, otherwise you won't get rid of the hot fat splashes on your hands. Add 2 bay leaves, a few peppercorns, 2 cloves of uncooked garlic (uncleaned, the garlic does not burn when fried) and a sprig of thyme. Put the lid on the pan. Give the right heat (boil the juice slowly, constantly, without stirring). The meat must penetrate. It is ready, when the tip of the knife penetrates easily into the meat, up to half and the bones detach easily from the meat. During the stewing, turn the meat about 2 more times, to make it homogeneous, on both sides.

The stewed ribs are served hot with natural potatoes or mashed potatoes. It goes with another garnish & # 8211 sautéed peas and carrots or sauteed green beans / yellow beans and carrots.

Jumping is quick and easy. Cook some onions and a few slices of bell pepper in a little olive oil. Cut a carrot into thin slices and put it in the pan, to harden. Put some peas or frozen beans (packages bought from the market or taken out of your freezer). Add salt and pepper to taste. Finely chop some green or dried dill. Let everything boil, at the right heat, with the lid on the pan, until a little sauce remains (the water evaporates from the frozen vegetables).

Don't forget about some pickles or pickles in vinegar. There is also a salad of greens, if you serve stewed pork ribs with potatoes (lettuce, spinach, sorrel, butter, dandelion leaves, arugula, leurda, fresh cabbage, mixed or not).

A sweet red wine cannot be missing.

Good appetite for gourmets everywhere, who insist on eating only healthy cooked food! It doesn't really matter what weight you have. Do you like how you look? Do you feel good in your skin? That's all that matters!

PS. Doctors recommend a glass of red or red wine at every meal. It is true that I do not say anything about how big the glass is. Anyway, I don't think it refers to a 0.5 liter carafe. Do you know?

  • 1500-2000 g pork leg (one piece)
  • a tablespoon of pepper
  • a tablespoon of cumin
  • salt, other spices to taste
  • 150 g lard

The meat is washed and salted well on each side. Massage well with your hand. Place in a heat-resistant pan or bowl and sprinkle with black peppercorns or ground, cumin and other spices after pre-cooking.

Put a few good tablespoons of lard. The pork leg is relatively weak so the lard helps a lot in tenderizing and browning. Put about 100 ml of water in the bowl and cover with a lid or foil.

Bake the steak for an hour at 200 ° C covered and then remove the foil and keep it in the oven for another hour at 180 ° C. The time also depends a lot on the size of the meat, it is safest to try it with a fork. If it enters easily, the meat is ready.

In the last half hour, turn the piece of pulp with the help of two forks from one side to the other, even several times. This browns evenly.

Method of preparation

Turkey breast steak

In a pressure cooker, heat the olive oil and the spices. Add the flattened pepper

Veal fillets with vegetable garnish.

Season the meat with thyme, salt, pepper and 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic and put in the fridge.

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anca folea 9 years ago - 7 September 2008 14:45

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

mihaela 8 years ago - 2 July 2009 13:49

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

It's a Japanese food! I live in Japan and I do it quite often. It's a little different but I think this variant is tasty too.

Ioana 8 years ago - July 2, 2009 2:20 PM

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

can you tell me what is the original version? maybe I do it like that and put some pictures. thank you!

mihaela 8 years ago - 3 July 2009 11:37

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

Her name is Niku jiaga
3-4 potatoes
1 carrot
very thinly sliced ​​pork (niku bar)
an onion
I also put (koniak), it is something specific Japanese, I don't think it is found in Romania, but it works without it.
green peas or peas and peas
sugar 2-3 tablespoons
osake 1-2 tablespoons
soy sauce 4-5 tablespoons
ginger paste, if it is found in Romania if you don't put the ginger on the small grater, put about a spoon
dashi, I also don't think it's found in Romania, it's a fish powder, I don't know how to describe it exactly, if you don't put dashi I think the food would be a bit bland, I don't know what can be replaced .
Dashi is mixed with 1 1/2 cups of water. Ginger is hardened in a few tablespoons of oil with the meat, cook until the meat is white, add water with dashi (about a tablespoon). Add potatoes, onions, carrots. , koniakul. The vegetables are cut into larger pieces. The water should not be too much just to cover a little, otherwise it will come out too juicy. Boil with a lid until the potatoes are tender lightly crumble). Add the sugar, osake and soy sauce in order. Let it simmer and do not put the lid on. After it is done, do not put the lid on, cover it with a towel. a lot of juice drains a little. I forgot !! and at the end add the peas or peas, let it boil just because they boil immediately.
The measures are approximate, I always taste it and depending on that I add or not.
This recipe is more for those willing to try something new, there are many new tastes for us.
P.S You can also harden the vegetables a little and then add water with dashi, it is optional.
If you still have questions, I look forward to them!

Ioana 8 years ago - 3 July 2009 12:24

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

instead of dashi can I put fish sauce dissolved in beef / chicken soup? Do you think it would come close?

mihaela 8 years ago - 3 July 2009 14:12

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

I don't know what to say, I haven't used fish sauce until now. In the version of your recipe you put soup and I saw that you specified that you can also put fish soup, I think it works like that.

Ioana 8 years ago - 3 July 2009 14:47

Re: Stewed pork with potatoes

I could make fish soup from the cube and I gave up the cubes. that's why I was thinking about fish sauce. I made it with beef cube soup and it was very good. I'll try and tell you what it's like with fish sauce.